College of Optometrists in Vision Development: this organization’s website gives information about vision development including the research and evidence supporting vision therapy. The Child Development Timeline is especially helpful for parents of young children, four years old and younger.

American Optometric Association’s Clinical Practice Guidelines: this organization’s website includes in-depth background, treatment, and follow-up timelines about a broad range of common eye conditions. Let us know if you are unsure of the technical name of your eye condition, and then finding the specific Clinical Practice Guideline will be easier.

The Visionhelp Blog: this website was created by Dr. Leonard Press of New Jersey, who has authored a widely-used textbook on vision therapy. This website provides interesting articles about a variety of vision subjects of current interest. For example in July 2017 Dr. Press posted the article “The Gift That Keeps On Giving” in which he reviews the instructions given by vision therapists in the Convergence Insufficiency Treatment Trial, and how it applies to the day to day experience of vision therapy today.